Community Access Television


AGENDA: Monday, August 7, 2023

MGL C30A S20(f) Requires any person(s) recording must notify the President at the beginning of the meeting.


Motion:     Second:

DS____ MD ___ JSM ___ PH ___ DT ___

  1. Reorganize the Board: President, Vice President/Treasurer, Clerk. (3 officers)
  2. Brief Review Special Member Subscriber Minutes-Approved by Petitioners.
  3. Discuss pathway to By-Law Review and Recommendation for change.
    (Votes may be taken)
  4. Discuss Station Manager Performance Evaluation/Salary
  5. Set next meeting date.

Meeting Date: Monday, August 7, 2023

President David Saad called the meeting to order by roll call vote at 4:00pm

MOTION MADE: Doreen Taylor

SECOND BY: Michael Dressler

VOTED: DS: Yes, MD Yes, JSM Yes, PH Yes, DT Yes


Reorganize the Board
MOTION MADE: David Saad-Appoint Doreen Taylor as Clerk
SECOND BY: Peter Hoogerzeil VOTE: DS: Yes, MD: Yes, JSM: Yes, PH: Yes, DT: abstain.

MOTION MADE: David Saad-Appoint Mike Dressler as Vice President/Treasurer
SECOND BY: Jeffrey Starr Mararian VOTE: DS: Yes, MD: abstain, JSM: Yes, PH:  Yes, DT: Yes

MOTION MADE: Peter Hoogerzeil-Appoint David Saad as President
SECOND BY: Doreen Taylor VOTE: DS: abstain, MD: Yes, JSM: Yes, PH: Yes, DT: Yes

  1. Brief Review of Member Meeting Subscriber Minutes
  2. Doreen Taylor read into the record Minutes approved by Petitioners.

Discuss pathway to By-Law review and recommendations for change.

MOTION MADE: David Saad to create a sub-committee to focus on this project with a completion target of December 2023.
SECOND BY: Peter Hoogerzeil VOTE: DS: Yes, MD: Yes, JSM: Yes, PH: Yes, DT: Yes

MOTION MADE: David Saad to appoint Doreen Taylor, Michael Dressler, and Andrea Rosseter (volunteer) as sub-committee members to provide updated recommendations for the TV9 By-Laws.
SECOND BY: Jeffrey Starr Mararian VOTE: DS: Yes, MD: Yes, JSM: Yes, PH: Yes, DT: abstain.

Doreen Taylor requested that all documentation related to TV9 be returned either to the station or to Mr. Saad by the former Board Members no longer serving by August 31, 2023. The letter should come from President Saad.
MOTION MADE: Doreen Taylor to contact former members for these documents and files if any.
SECOND By: Peter Hoogerzeil VOTE: DS: Yes, MD: Yes, JSM: Yes, PH: Yes, DT: Yes

Jeffrey Starr Mararian requested that a current contact list of emails and telephone numbers be distributed for the Board of Directors’ use. Doreen Taylor will put the list together.

MOTION MADE: Peter Hoogerzeil to hear a financial update from the VP/Treasurer as it was not listed on the meeting agenda.
SECOND BY: David Saad VOTE: DS: Yes, MD: Yes, JSM: Yes: PH: Yes, DT: Yes

Michael Dressler went through a review of the financial holdings for TV9 as of 8/7/23 (Report Copy attached).

Kevin Vidinha gave a brief report about the TV9 Studio Building including the following:

  • A recent fire inspection determined an old stage was combustible and it was requested to be removed.
  • Ockers to begin installation of new servers when all equipment has arrived.
  • Audio and Video equipment went out due to a power surge during a recent storm. Kevin and Caroline re-routed the building connected, and everything went back online.
  • There was an audio problem noted and fixed with Comcast for channel 15.

Future reporting will be in writing and attached to minutes accordingly.

Kevin Vidinha left the meeting.

Doreen Taylor asked if the TV9 website could be updated to include file storage for meeting agendas and minutes. Kevin will check with the web developer.
Peter Hoogerzeil stated that critical issues for station operations should be brought forward as soon as possible.

David Saad brought the new Directors up to date on matters that were in place prior to the July 24th Members Meeting.

  • Funds have been allocated to power wash and paint the building.
  • Kevin has had his performance evaluation but has not received a pay increase that was due in April 2023. As a result, David Saad reviewed performance during the meeting and asked if the Directors’ would be in agreement for the recommended pay increase. Michael Dressler concurred

MOTION MADE: Doreen Taylor to proceed with the recommended increase due to Kevin in April 2023 bringing the new annual salary amount to $60,900.00.
SECOND BY: Peter Hoogerzeil VOTE: DS: Yes, MD: Yes, JSM: Yes, PH: Yes, DT: Yes

Set next meeting date: Monday, August 21, 2023 at 4:00pm


David Saad suggested collecting other community by-laws as a reference start for evaluating TV9.
Peter Hoogerzeil mentioned fees for use of assets.
Michael Dressler reminded everyone that if Comcast/Xfinity loses Seekonk subscribers, the premium paid to run TV9 could also go down. We need to think about fundraisers.
Peter Hoogerzeil said it is important to restart member meetings and make certain people are informed.
Jeffrey Starr Mararian is suggesting a disclaimer before all shows aired. Also beware of “back door commercialism”. No individual can profit from it. He is also requesting a list of shows and who sponsors those shows.
Peter Hoogerzeil said it is a gray area in commercialism for raising money.


Andrea Rosseter reminded all that in compiling recommendations for By-Law changes we have to remember to keep them as a plausible policy.

MOTION MADE: Doreen Taylor to adjourn.
SECOND BY: Michael Dressler VOTE: DS: Yes, MD: Yes, JSM: Yes, PH: Yes, DT: Yes

Approved Date:  8/21/2023

Respectfully submitted by:
Doreen Taylor
Doreen Taylor, Clerk
August 21, 2023