Community Access Television


What is TV9 Seekonk? TV9 Seekonk is a public, educational and governmental access TV production facility located in Seekonk, Massachusetts. TV9 is dedicated to providing training, equipment and the facility to produce and broadcast unique and original local programming reflecting the interests and diversity of the Seekonk Community.

How can I have access to TV9 Studio and training? Town of Seekonk residents, Seekonk-based non-profit organization members, employees of Seekonk businesses, and Town of Seekonk employees are eligible for training and use of TV9 Seekonk production equipment and studio. Use of TV production equipment and facilities, cable TV channel time, and training is free. Anyone requesting the use of TV9 facilities must first attend an orientation at the TV9 Seekonk studio.

Some of the shows TV9 broadcast seem controversial… TV9 Seekonk provides an electronic forum for free speech and expression. Most programs broadcasted are produced by Seekonk residents, city government and community-based organizations plus other shows made available from outside PEG programming providers. This free speech is guaranteed by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Residents of Seekonk are free to say or do whatever they please on their TV9 Seekonk produced program as long as the content of that program is not illegal. Illegal content includes; Libel or slander, commercials or advertising (not to be confused with underwriting or a grant), obscenity, pornography, violation of FCC regulations, violation of federal, state and local laws, violation of publicity rights, copyrights or invasion of privacy.

If a program TV9 airs upsets you, and does not contain any illegal content, you can still take action. Make your voice heard by producing and broadcasting your own TV9 program that challenges the views or message of the show that upset you.

Just what is considered “obscene” or “indecent”? The Federal Communications Commission has guidelines that address these issues. Please visit the FCC on the WEB at:

How is TV9 Seekonk funded? TV9 Seekonk receives its funding from the cable access fee collected by the cable franchise operator from Seekonk cable subscribers. Because the cable operator is using public rights of way to distribute the cable signal (town streets and utility poles), federal laws allows the town of Seekonk to collect a fee from the cable operator for that use. These fees make possible the studio, equipment and training offered by TV9 Seekonk to residents at no charge.

How do I get a program broadcast on TV9 Seekonk? First contact the Executive Director at TV9 Seekonk with your proposed program idea. If your program has already completed production, submit a video file or DVD for consideration. If you would like to use the TV9 facilities you will first meet with the Executive Director and fill out the required paperwork. The staff at TV9 is available to guide you through this process. For more detailed information Email TV9 Seekonk at: or call the studio at: 508.336.6770.

Who runs TV9 Seekonk? TV9 Seekonk is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The board meets the second Monday of every month at 4p in the TV9 Studio. Day to day operations are managed by the executive director (see TV9 staff).

Where is TV9 Seekonk’s studio located? The TV9 Studio is located at 580 Arcade Ave. Seekonk, Massachusetts 02771. (see Directions)